Our staff

Anne C. Støren

Managing Director

MSc / Dipl.designer SHKS

E-mail: as@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 911 79 017

Anne has a background as a civil engineer and industrial designer with a great deal of experience from the train business. She has been a project manager for a range of public procurements and modifications projects. She has solid experience in preparing specifications, follow-up of quality control and has worked for a long time with authority approval and safety management (RAMS/LCC) when implementing material with operators. Anne is the contact for our coaching services.

Håvard Grønbeck

Project Manager

MSc Maschine engineering

E-mail: hg@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 916 80 721

Håvard has a masters’ degree in engineering and 20 years’ experience in the train and tram business. He has been project manager for modification and construction projects both on the procurement and workshop side. In recent years, he has had a role as a technical project manager for the trams in Oslo as well as being manager director of Jotne Rail Solutions.

Rolv Morten Stenshol

Senior Mechanical Engineer

BSc Maschine, structural engineering

E-mail: rms@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 911 06 251

Rolv Morten has a background as a mechanical engineer and business economist with 32 years of business experience, mainly within the construction and development of rolling stock as well as from roles as project manager and technical project manager for new production and modification of rolling stock. He works today as project manager with technical reports and solutions to problems for our customers.

Pål Espensen

Senior Industrial Designer

MSc Industrial design

E-mail: pe@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 970 21 128

Pål’s background is in industrial design and he has many years of experience from the train industry. He worked for Meyerdesign for many years before studying industrial design as a mature student. He has a varied background from construction and development in multidisciplinary environments, with the emphasis on completion, general materials knowledge, producibility and lifecycles of constructed solutions and serviceability in controlled environments.

Steinar Flo

Senior Industrial Designer

MSc / Dipl.designer SHKS

E-mail: slf@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 915 23 311

Steinar has a great deal of experience as a design consultant for public and private employers in many different sectors. Among them is the development of evacuation systems for ships and oil rigs (free fall lifeboats) cockpit design (tram, snow blower and de-icer machine), design of train seats for NSB as well as various consumer goods (waffle irons, heat fans, window latches etc.). All the assignments share complex technical and ergonomic issues.

Lars Album Iversen

Senior Engineer

MSc Maschine, product development

E-mail: lai@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 984 33 314

Lars’ background is in mechanical engineering and he has lengthy experience in rolling stock including engineering in train projects and follow-up of documentation. He has solid experience with preparation, follow-up and quality control of production documents. He has worked for a long time with subjects such as construction of interiors, reserve parts catalogues (IPC) and user/maintenance documentation. Lars has worked a great deal with companies such as NSB, Sporveien and Bombardier.

Terje Amundsen

Senior Mechanical Engineer

MSc Maschine

E-mail: tam@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 906 20 124

terje amundsen 632x388px sidecut drk
Terje’s background is as a mechanical engineer and in applied mathematics with over 30 years’ experience from hydro-electricity and the oil business. He has been lead engineer for subsea projects and Engineering Manager in hydroelectricity, but has mostly been involved in product development and force calculations. He has extensive experience with documentation, manufacturing follow-up and testing. He started his career in rolling stock with NSB in June 2015.

Yngvar A. Mihle-Koller

Project Manager

MSc Maschine, process and product development

E-mail: ymk@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 472 47 280

Yngvar has a background as a master of mechanical engineering and he has diverse experience, e.g. as manager for construction and development for a mechanical company where he helped to develop a series of products. He worked in Jotne E&P as senior engineer with responsibility for product development, calculation and analysis and as project manager in the same company.

Alexander Bjercke Schybergson

Senior Industrial Designer

FH/BSc Industrial design

E-mail: abs@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 960 16 950

Alexander has a background from the defence forces, where he served as a navigator for 12 years, tactical coordinator and section leader in 333 Squadron, then as project manager for the acquisition of a planning tool for new frigate helicopters with FLO. He got an education as an industrial designer as a mature student, first in Oslo, then in Switzerland, where he later worked as project manager, designer and product developer for an interaction design firm in Basle before returning to Norway.

Harald Sørlie

Project Manager

MSc Maschine

E-mail: hsl@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 990 26 283

harald srlie 632x388px sidecut
Harald’s has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and he has wide and varied experience as a project manager, project engineer, mechanical designer and product developer. He has experience with assessment and development of procedures and systems for control and maintenance of rolling stock. He previously worked in the oil industry as a lead engineer, project manager and designer for large projects, as well as production follow-up at the yard.

Vebhav Prakash Jolly

Senior Consultant

MSc Ind.eco. and information management

E-mail: vpj@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 906 70 966

vebhav prakash jolly 632x388px sidecut
Vebhav has over 10 years of experience from the consulting industry. He has had assignments in all the various project phases, from planning to implementation, both as project manager and project participant. He has also been hired to fill important positions in various companies. His experience as a consultant and his education, combining technology, economics and management, has given him a solid platform for solving and managing complex tasks and projects.

Nils Olav Solum

Senior Engineer

MSc Maschine

E-mail: nos@jotne.no

Mobile: +47 907 83 440

Nils-Olav Solum
Nils Olav has a background as a master of engineering and experience as manager of Jotne EPM Consultants / Jotne E&P and has extensive experience with projects relating to rolling stock. In the last years he has been working specifically on projects such as control procedures for inspections of yellow material, bogie audits and crack propagation and material faults. He also has experience from quality assurance of technical support and development of user instructions and maintenance instructions.
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